Managing Payroll for a Small Business [Free Download]

Payroll is an essential component of every business, large and small.

Proper payroll processing requires a sound under- standing of all applicable federal and state tax laws. These can make your head spin, as you shift your focus from what really matters—growing your business. To take the burden off your shoulders, our free guide - Managing Payroll for Small Business, is designed to help you understand how to prepare payroll and identify an intuitive payroll system for your small business. 

Managing Payroll Topics We'll Cover

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Payroll Systems

Outsourcing your payroll services frees up valuable internal resources to focus on your business, while your payroll is processed efficiently offsite through real-time and remote processing. It’s more like having a virtual accountant whose specific responsibility is to take care of your payroll. 


Payroll Tax Laws

Abiding by the IRS is an important responsibility of every employer. IRS Circular E explains federal payroll tax withholding and how to comply with the laws.


Common Payroll Problems

Payroll processing must be error-free, because errors can result in heavy penalties and fines from relevant government authorities.

Listen to What Our Clients Say

We have used ASAP Payroll since 1991. They are, by far, one of the most cost effective payroll companies out there. Their staff is friendly and efficient. They are quick to handle any issues without any problems. We would recommend ASAP Payroll to any business, regardless of size. Whether you have 2 or 500 employees, they can definitely meet your needs.


McDonalds Franchise Owner

As a small business in Indianapolis, I looked for a personal touch when seeking assistance with payroll. I found that personal touch, and a partner, in ASAP Payroll – a full-service, cost-effective payroll processor. ASAP blasts by its competitors with its focus on detail, its level of customer service, and its user-friendly platform. Thank you for everything!


Owner, SouthSider Voice