Onboarding Guide for Indiana Employers [Free Download]

Business expansion can be an exciting time, but it can also be a confusing one.

Indiana law mandates that all employers must know and follow the state’s employment requirements. This involves providing new hires with the required federal and state forms as well as important company information, necessary training, and professional resources. 

Our guide will provide information on what the new-employee onboarding process looks like through the lens of the employer. 

Onboarding Topics We'll Cover

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Federal and State Forms

Completion of the I-9 Form enables employers to first verify the identity of the new hire.  The W-4 Form informs the IRS of your new hire and dictates the amount of tax withheld.  The WH-4 is specific to Indiana to determine state and county tax.

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Employee Training

The goal of any employer should be to retain employees once they are hired. It helps to build
a company culture of security and comfort. Once hired, employees should stick with you! To
ensure that happens, proper employee training is essential.


Human Resources: Best Practices

From recruiting, to onboarding, to retention, to advocacy, a human resources team drives the
success of a company. Here are the most important guidelines an HR team can follow to help a
company navigate the bumpy waters of a thriving, bustling business.

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