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Value of an Employee Handbook

A guide that helps business owners and HR managers develop an employee handbook helps to set the tone for building a positive workplace culture, employee loyalty, workplace rights, and retaining employees.

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Reducing Unplanned Overtime + Saving Your Labor Budget

Good systems solve business problems, including unplanned overtime. Our guide outlines how automated timekeeping solves the biggest business problem: budget-killing unplanned overtime.

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Managing Payroll for a Small Business

Our free guide, Managing Payroll for Small Business, is designed to help you understand how to prepare payroll and identify an intuitive payroll system for your small business. 

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Guide to Claiming Your Employee Retention Tax Credit

To help you better understand the ERTC, who is eligible, and how to claim it, we’ve put together a simple guide. 

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Onboarding Guide For Indiana Employers

Review our free Onboarding Guide for Indiana Employers for more information on what the new-employee onboarding process looks like through the lens of the employer.


6 Compliance Challenges & How to Conquer Them

Our free guide will introduce you to the leading challenges and solutions that will help you stay compliant.  

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Guide to Hiring your First Employee in Indiana

Hiring an employee for your new business is an exciting prospect. But before you can hire any employees, your business will need to have a variety of processes in place.

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The Restaurateurs Guide to Payroll and HR

As restaurant owners and managers, we want to see our staff members happy and be able to keep as much of their hard-earned wages as they can. Here's what you and your staff need to know about compliance, tips, and taxes 

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Understanding Your Paycheck

Learn what money and benefits you are entitled to receive and what taxes and other deductions will be taken out of your paycheck. Here's what you and your staff need to know about frequency, deductions, status, and taxes.

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Why You Need An HCM Platform ASAP

Our Guide to Why You Need An HCM Platform will help companies just like yours discover that having the right HCM in place gives them a huge advantage in the marketplace.

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PEO Migration Checklist

Leaving your PEO can be stressful as they are tied up with critical functions in your business. Before you sever ties with them permanently, you must make sure you are in good standing to do so to make the transition as seamless as possible.


Employee Benefits Guide

In the past, as long as you provided health insurance and retirement benefits, your benefits were considered competitive. Now, the pressure is on employers to supply more diverse options.


Onboarding Guide For Kentucky Employers

Discover the ins and outs of the new-employee onboarding process from the employer's perspective with our complimentary Onboarding Guide for Kentucky Employers

How Does an LMS Help with New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding Guide For Illinois Employers

Review our free Onboarding Guide for Illinois Employers for more information on what the new-employee onboarding process looks like through the lens of the employer.

Understanding Illinois Taxes for New Employees

Onboarding Guide For Ohio Employers

Browse our complimentary Onboarding Guide for Ohio Employers to gain insights into the new-employee integration process from an employer's perspective.


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